About Us

Cornerstone Faith Services (CFS) was founded in 2001 by Janet Matier who was inspired by a dream and a reoccurring vision showing minority low-income men and women working in the construction trade. She birthed her life’s purpose to service others, with the financial support of the Detroit Block Grant. As the school progressed, collaborations from local community agencies, educational institutions, and law enforcement agencies:

  • Fitzgerald Community Council
  • Habitat for Humanities
  • Jenkins Plumbing & Heating
  • Davenport University
  • Mumford High School
  • Wayne State University
  • Hammond Senior Service
  • MISHO Workshop
  • Detroit Police Department

Together they engaged Detroit’s area low income families in educational and career trade skills training and employment opportunities offering services from GED Preparation, Life Skills Basic/ Intermediate Computer Training, Basic wiring, CAD with emphasis on Drafting. In the  Carpentry Program students learned  basic carpentry skills, Heating & Cooling, Upholstering to construction, and life skills with job placement upon completion until 2008.

CFS was recognized by former Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm as invaluable to the community for equipping its students with the necessary skills for the 21st century workplace.

Presently, CFS empathizes the Wholisitic Approach Philosophy, that all parts of a person are interconnected as a whole, being the mind, body, soul and social factors that affect the success of the entire family and community. We offer educational, skilled trade and vocational training the areas of:

  • GED Preparation
  • Audio Engineering/Live Audio Production
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Film/Media Production
  • Information Technology-Micro Soft Products

CFS also provides a range of programs that include appropriate medical, mental and physical health services, alcohol and drug (AOD) treatment, contiguous transitional housing assistance, independent living skills, and other transitional support that will empower the lives of our families and communities, equipping them with tools to triumphantly overcome the full range of challenges in our changing society for their destiny.

The goal of Cornerstone Faith Services is to be the key in lives of those serviced and their communities with the realization that “They are a part of something greater than themselves”!