Building upon select stones for a greater DESTINY.


Case Management

Introduction to Audio Engineering /Live Audio Production

Introduction to Basic Plumbing

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Film/Media Production

Introduction to Information Technology

Why Cornerstone?

Cornerstone Faith Services (CFS) emphasizes the Wholisitic Approach Philosophy that all parts of a person are interconnected as a whole; being the mind, body, soul and social factors that affect the success of the entire family and community.

CFS provides a range of collaborative/partnership programs that include appropriate medical, mental and physical health services, alcohol and drug (AOD) treatment, contiguous transitional housing assistance, independent living skills, and other transitional support that will empower the lives of our families and communities, equipping them with tools to triumphantly overcome the full range of challenges in our changing society for their destiny.

Our Goal:

To be the key in the lives of those serviced, their families and communities with the realization that "They are apart of something greater than themselves"!