Mentoring/Support Groups


“The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to hear them”.

CFS and its collaboration/partnerships with social agencies, community organizations and faith based services provide efficient and effective programs that services the entire family in a mentoring, support group or individual setting providing:

  • Restorative Practices: training that allows clients the ability to identifying the importance of fostering positive, healthy personal, family and community climates that assist in learning from their mistakes which is paramount to develop Critical Thinking skills.
  • Conflict Resolution: engage clients in ways to manage stress while remaining alert and calm in verbal and nonverbal communication methods without threatening, frightening, or punishing themselves and others.
  • Community Awareness:  increase networking and  community’s knowledge of the available programs, services and resources offered. Facilitate community and forums for leaders and citizens economical, safety, social or spiritual concerns.

By creating and participation in community activities; our clients learn to live responsibly, identify  their thoughts and feelings, obtain coping skills .job skills training, increase community investment and volunteer work with the knowledge “That they are apart of something greater than themselves”.