Case Management


“It’s not the actions that we take, but the ones we don’t take that we are held responsible for”.

CFS uses case managers to identify the needs of  reentry and families coordinate services matched to these needs. We use a strengths-based case management approach, which helps clients identify what inherent skills they have available, and how to use services to develop their skills and strengths into stability and self-sufficiency. Case management includes:

Outreach: is how we inform people in the community of the services available.  works in partnership with other area organizations to conduct street outreach and ensure clients are referred to organizations that are most closely matched to their needs.

Individualized Service Plan: the ISP is a document created by the client and the case manager cooperatively. It identifies the client’s particular goals, and the path to achieving those goals. Some goals are common to nearly every ISP, such as permanent housing, while some are very specific to the client, such as obtaining necessary certification to be an underwater salvage operator. Once created, the Case Manager refers back to the ISP regularly, recording what goals and milestones have been achieved, and discussing new goals with the client as they progress.

Benefits Enrollment: Most clients are are unaware but eligible for public benefits that they are not receiving. Whether it’s a matter of obtaining health coverage, collecting General Relief  until they can get a job, assembling the documentation needed to prove a permanent disability for SSI/SSDI or Veteran benefits, or learning financial responsibility. Our Case Managers will work to help clients identify their eligibility and secure the assistance they need.