Our Approach

“Unity in service, Everyone wins”.

The goal of Cornerstone Faith Services; is to be the key in the lives of the serviced in the greater Detroit Tri-County area of Oakland, Macomb counties and Detroit area.

CFS will provide appropriate services and necessary resources needed to impact, empower and promote positive life changing skills to individuals  who successfully participate in our program through collaborations and partnerships with social service agencies, community organizations, and faith based services.

The following goals for this Service Project are:

  1. To improve the quality of life of individuals serviced by coordination and linkages among, social and community service agencies, organizations, public health, private entities,  and the criminal justice systems within the Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County.
  2. To address health care needs and limited health care access that negatively impact individuals that are in our community.
  3. To increase individual access that are needed in public health, behavioral health, health care coverage and/or social services.
  4. To provide significant family engagement, assessment, case planning, and service delivery thus   increasing the number of family reunification’s in our communities.
  5. To reduce the number under educated, underemployed or unemployed individuals by implementing educational, pre-employment and career opportunities .