Wellness Services



“The greatest wealth is health in the mind, body and most importantly the soul”.

CFS in collaboration/partnerships with local health agencies and substance abuse organizations provide needed AoD and Mental Health education, awareness, and resource information that will be presented upon  completion of the case managers Initial Intake and Assessment.

Our goal is increase communication and documentation between the clients and service providers of mental health, and AoD treatments for a positive affect on the entire mind, body and soul.   With the enhanced services implemented  by professionals who are able to empathize, encourage and empower  for effective change in the areas of:

  • Cognitive Restructuring:  topic based discussions regarding the process of how the subconscious mind controls human behavior. The goal is to help people understand what controls human behavior and how to overcome behavior that is undesirable.
  • Family Roles in Addiction and Codependency:  a facilitated group session will explore different roles family members assume when a member of the family is addicted to drugs or alcohol. We examine these new roles and the effects they have on the addict’s recovery.
  • Spiritual: a wholistic approach  that provides healing for the Spirit, Mind, and Body.  Our facilitators will address the danger of negative thinking, the consequences of compulsive and addictive behavior, the importance of honesty, anger management, and positive attitudes.  We believe that faith can and should play a critical role in one being successful. The bible is a living, breathing book, and has much to say about the struggles we face.