Education, Training and Employment



“Enlightenment to education and career opportunities empowers one to realize their dreams and enhance their lives”.

CFS and its community collaborations/partnerships with schooling and staffing agencies arrange necessary education, training and employment services and referrals to our clients.  We liberate individuals to be productive and independent based on their talents and interests.

When barriers are removed, opportunities become present for our clients to achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence which is essential to the individual, the entire family and community.

Our facilitators work with individuals  to affirm their skills, fine tune them, and to prepare for  the real world job market.

Each assigned team member guides each participant’s progress by:

  • Identifying idividual’s skills, talents and interests
  • Assisting job candidates  in selecting opportunities that match their dream job
  • Provide guidance during training
  • Develop social skills, responsibility, accountability a good work ethic
  • Emphasize the necessity of safety, quality control, and productivity
  • Monitoring  their work, progress and job success