Introduction to Audio Engineering /Live Audio Production


“Hands-on knowledge in acoustics is worth its weight in speakers”.

CSF Introduction to Audio Engineering /Live Audio Production provides training based on material taught in the Certificate program for Audio Engineering (Q1 + Q2). Students will be trained in live stage skills in areas of:

  • Audio Vocabulary, basic skill, and technical development
  • Console operation, monitor set-up
  • Stage and tour management
  • Application of work or field experience fundamental knowledge
  • Information for continued education to a two-year 0r four-year college in advanced practices, new developments in Audio technology

Those who are working towards a certificate in Audio Engineering (Live Sound Production) will have a curriculum that combines two quarters of comprehensive training in audio recording and production with an additional quarter of intensive, hands-on study in all aspects of audio production for live events from clubs to large concerts.

The Live Sound Production Program prepares students for a wide range of audio engineering opportunities in the fields of live sound and music.

Upon completion participants will receive a AUDIO ENGINEERING CERTIFICATE.